4barBlog #1 – Getting my head back up in the clouds

I’ve been in Sydney for two weeks now! I have been totally lost in a turbulent sea for the past couple of months trying to work out who I am again and what direction I am going in. At the beginning of 2014 4bar Collective went on a hiatus, since then I have been dipping my toes into what is commonly referred to as ‘the real world’ where music isn’t the most important thing ever!? It was a strange place, it was good to visit but I think the dreamy musical loved up fantasy world of Dan Dan Dan Land is a much better home for me! So back up into the clouds my head is going and I am burying myself into 4bar Collective’s first song with the help of any musician I meet who I gel with. Its sounding amazing so far to me, I can’t wait to hear it finished and get to work on the music video which is already forming in my mind. At this point I can’t put a date on anything, I don’t want to force or rush it at all, I will just let 4bar grow organically and see what it develops into and where it takes me, I can’t think of anything more exciting than that to be honest.


I am settling into Sydney nicely now, I’ve made some incredible friends over here and I am training to work for a charity called ActionAid promoting world-wide gender equality, which seems to suit me pretty well, I love women, I love happiness, so being a professional at making women happy around the world seems like a plan! I’m learning a lot from it on a serious note, I was unaware that violence against women causes more death and disability than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined. Pretty shocking so I am excited at the idea of raising awareness about the issue and helping deal with it as much as I can. I can also work 4bar around it and have plenty of time to pursue my creative endeavours and work with/promote great musicians! I am starting to feel like myself again properly for the first time in a long while and I want to put as much positivity out into the world as I can. I have found that if I take care of everyone around me, everyone takes care of me. Its worked pretty well for me so far, of course I take care of myself a wee bit as well but I know there are so many fantastic people out there I am certain everything is going to work out great. 🙂

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